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    Karen recently graduated and joined the company. This time she went on a business trip with department head Takeda, an extremely polite and kind person. But suddenly the Shinkansen train had an electrical system problem and had to stop operating. Karen and the manager were forced to rent a hotel and stay here. Because she couldn't go home, her partner kept piling her with alcohol, causing Karen to fall asleep and have Takeda take her to the hotel. Her boyfriend was very worried and called her, but the person who answered the phone was Takeda, making him even more worried. Arriving at the hotel, seeing Takeda never leaving, she asked and found out there was only one room left, she would have to share a room with him tonight. Knowing something was wrong, before she could do anything, the department head jumped in and fucked her, ejaculating all his sperm into her. After he finished ejaculating, he didn't stop and fucked her over and over again. The happy feeling of being fucked by a bare cock, continuously climaxing, and being touched in deep places that her boyfriend could not reach made Karen gradually forget everything. She could only think of Takeda's cock, wanting him to satisfy her sexual craving. And that night the two continuously made love to each other, Takeda ejaculated into her eight times but Karen still felt unsatisfied...
     Movie Code: PRED-375 
     Actor: Karen Yuzuriha