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    Sumire is a married female teacher, but recently the couple has often had conflicts. This time the school organized a field trip for students, Sumire and the vice principal were sent to survey the location. Because the boarding house only had one room left, she and the vice principal had to share a room together. Taking the opportunity to be with the beautiful and seductive teacher, the vice principal deliberately gave Sumire alcohol, causing Sumire to quickly get drunk and not know anything else. When she woke up, she found herself being "invaded" by the vice principal. However, with his skillful technique and sexual experience, the vice principal quickly conquered Sumire. Up until now, she had only had sex with only two men, and it had been a long time since she had had sex with her husband, causing the sexual desire that had been accumulated for so long to be released. The feeling of happiness that the vice principal brought made her desire explode, she had never experienced this feeling before. Throwing away her teacher's ethics, the married woman indulges in sexual pleasure over and over again. Sumire exposed her most embarrassing appearance to him, let him ejaculate into her womb, wanting to become his own woman!