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    I am a normal office worker, married, but our relationship is not very good. At work, my boss scolded me. At home, my wife was always cold, making me feel extremely lonely. One day, while walking on the street, I met Ai-chan, who was struggling to find her stolen phone. I knew I couldn't find her again, but I still helped her. Because we first met each other, we met more and our relationship gradually went beyond friendship. Ai-chan is so kind, even though her husband is a director, she still makes time for me. When my wife returned to her parents' house, Ai-chan came to clean the house and cook for me. Of course, we made love. “If you want to rest then rest”, “If you want to fuck then just fuck”, “If you want to masturbate then masturbate”, “If you want to ejaculate then just ejaculate”. Ai-chan always pampers me, she always wants me to be happy. Me too, I just want to be by her side, forever enjoying this feeling of happiness...
     Movie Code: MEYD-701 
     Actor: Ai Sayama