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    The life of the young Meguri couple was very happy until a close friend of the husband's from afar came to visit for a few days. It wouldn't be worth mentioning if he knew hypnosis but wasn't addicted to sex. Too dark for his wife when he is interested in both of those things. So the husband kept a ferocious tiger in the house without even knowing it, thinking that he was a close friend since childhood so he was very trusting and accommodating. Unexpectedly, he took advantage of that to harm his own wife. Seeing that his friend's wife was so delicious and plump, he developed an animalistic streak in him. While his best friend was away, he used hypnosis to control his wife. As a result, she easily obeyed and did anything. which he desired included sexual intercourse. And yet, after he was tired of playing with his friend's wife, he was still so miserable that he called his friends over to share the delicious things for them all to enjoy. It's so pitiful for the wife who was treated like a sex slave. Even though she knew she was raped, she couldn't do anything because for her it happened unconsciously.
     Movie Code: PPPD-305 
     Actor: Meguri 
     Category: Jav Adultery Sex Movie