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    Suzu is a beautiful, seductive girl, willing to have sex with men right in public places. Scene one, Suzu is a fitness trainer, she is noticed by a student but does not dare to confess. While the student was in the break room, Suzu approached, granting his wish even when others were nearby. Scene two, Suzu is a celebrity, the logistics worker is a fan of hers. Meeting his idol was like a dream come true, but he didn't expect that he would get his cock sucked by his idol right in the hallway, as long as someone passing by would find out! Scene three, Suzu is drinking alone in a bar, three office workers are attracted to her beauty. A guy approached her asking for information but she coldly refused. Knowing they couldn't reach it, the three immediately gave up. Unexpectedly, another guy, when going to the bathroom, was actively invited by Suzu and secretly fucked him right next to his two friends! Scene four, Suzu is an excellent female employee, her superiors decide to let her work at the headquarters. Suzu's junior has secretly loved her for a long time, and he made such an effort just because Suzu is here. Knowing that he had feelings for her, Suzu immediately "rewarded" him right at the office...
     Movie Code: STARS-647 
     Actor: Suzu Honjo