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    I must say that the brother-in-law in the movie is extremely miserable. He dares to go straight to his sister-in-law's house in the middle of the night to rape him. This guy must have just eaten lobster liver. Roku's brother-in-law knocked on the door. After sister-in-law Lina opened the door, he immediately came in to "greet". The two struggled together for a while, then her husband Genji came home from work. Roku quickly put on his clothes and hid in a hidden place, as did Lina. Perhaps God created an opportunity for Lina and Roku to have an affair with each other. The husband came home from work and immediately jumped into bed and slept like he was dead. He probably just drank too much with his colleagues at the company. So that whole night, the brother-in-law and sister-in-law performed 2 or 3 movements without getting tired, from the living room to the kitchen and then straight to the bathroom. Surely they would continue to be sneaky like that for a long time because actually Lina also I want my healthy brother-in-law to fuck me.
     Movie Code: NHDTA-660 
     Actor: Marie Nakamura