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    Even though she is a wife, Hoshino feels like she is just a housekeeper because her husband doesn't seem to care or appreciate his family. As a habit, he came home from work, ate the rice she cooked, then went back to work without having any time for this poor wife. That makes her much more disadvantaged than other women and especially easily provoked by sensitive issues. The husband had just brought his briefcase to work when a marketing guy came to the house to introduce the product. Ironically, when she came out to greet her, she wasn't wearing a bra, so that guy kept peeking at her breasts every time she came in. negligence revealed. Too excited, he couldn't control himself so he pressed her down and grabbed her wallet, but then quickly apologized for behaving inappropriately. Luckily for him, she was equally lustful. Not only did she happily accept the apology, but she also expected him to continue doing it, even going further because her braid had been covered in cobwebs for several months. Now, no one has cleaned it up yet. While the two were happily together, the neighbor next door had been peeking for some time, so the love-hungry wife had to prepare to serve the next customer if she didn't want her husband to know about it. That's a clever neighbor.
     Movie Code: EYAN-040 
     Actor: Keiko Hoshino 
     Category: Jav Adultery Sex Movie XVIDEOS