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    His older brother and his friend, a black African, came to Tokyo from abroad to visit a dozen houses of his younger brother and his wife. Because of their physiological weakness, the husband and his wife only played about "half a round" at their best. When they were playing well, the strings broke, and the young woman had to masturbate herself to satisfy her desire. hope. While cleaning her brother-in-law's bedroom, the wife discovered the BLACK HIM unconscious on the floor and naked. When she approached her, she opened her eyes in surprise at the extreme "goods". terrible of my brother-in-law's friend. At this time, her sexual thirst arose again, she came closer and began to hold and touch that huge cock. Perhaps this was the first time in her life that she had seen such a big and huge cock. . After watching it for a while, she started to put "it" in her mouth and suck it. Of course, the BLACK guy was very happy, but he still lay still and tried not to let the other woman know that he was awake. Will this story end or will it be the beginning of a secret love affair between a black man and his beautiful young wife? Please continue to watch the movie.
     Movie Code: GVG-076 
     Actor: Reiko Kobayakawa 
     Category: Jav Adultery Sex Movie