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    Arina is a female college student. Because this convenience store is quite close to her home, she asked to come here to work part-time. Here she met Kotani and the two fell in love. I thought my student life would be extremely fulfilling, but Oki-san, an extremely incompetent person, came here to work because he was fired from his old company, and discovered that Kotani specialized in stealing things from him. shop. He told Arina and threatened to call the police to arrest Kotani. But he will keep it a secret if you do as he says. And then, to protect her lover, Arina accepted his words and let him fuck her. But with his skills and "huge goods", Oki gradually conquered Arina. She gradually became fascinated with Oki's cock and became indifferent to her boyfriend. When her boyfriend was discovered and fired, she still didn't care, what she cared about right now was being fucked by Oki every day...